Sunday, September 01, 2013

Read a great book!

And my friend is the author. How cool is that. The book is called Of Blood and Lions by Karen Ann. It is a great story and wonderful characters. You may read about it on her website.
If you buy the book directly form her she donates $5 to the Big Cats Program of National Geographic.
This is Book 1 of 3. She is hard at work on Book 2 now, when she isn't stitching or hooking rugs.

In other news, Karen came over yesterday and we stitched and caught up. I was not stitching this design but will get it back out today. It is by Dames of the Needle. I am almost finished. I think I will frame this one and hang it in my laundry room which I am re-doing in Patriotic colors.
I did finish this. It is a Lizzie Kate Boxer. I stitched it on the plane to and from San Francisco last month.
And, after much consideration I have decided I must find time to release more designs. I have four Glory Bee designs from last year that I never had time to release. I will be getting those ready and hopefully have them ready to go in about 1-2 months. I will get pictures and post them soon. The models  have been finished forever LOL!

I hope you are enjoying the Labor Day weekend and find time to stitch today!


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CalamityJr said...

Great stitching. Can't wait to see your new releases!