Tuesday, September 16, 2014

And the winner is......

LindataxPA. I have emailed you! Thanks to all for the comments and for entering.
Happy stitching.....Nancy

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Two Birds and a Basket finished!

Yesterday I finished stitching Ewe & I & Friends Two Birds and a Basket. I used 28 ct White Chocolate linen and the recommended DMC floss. It was a fun stitch and I am going to pass this on to someone this week. To be entered just post on this entry and I will draw a name this week sometime.

The weather is turning cooler. Fall is in the air and it has inspired me to decorate my house a bit for the season. In years past I was so busy with work by the time I thought about fall decorations it was Christmas!

Speaking of Christmas, I just got my ornament back from JCS along with some extra copies of the special ornament issue. I have been fortunate to be invited to contribute an ornament for this issue from 2002  forward. This is one of my favorite issues because of all the beautiful ornament and recipes. I have tried many of the recipes and found some new family favorites. This year I added my Crab Quiche recipe which is super simple to prepare and delicious!

It looks like a beautiful Sunday today, sunny and almost 70. Time to take a new project and sit on the porch and stitch. I love deciding what to stitch next, don't you? It is fun to go through all my patterns and then pull just the right fabric and floss! I hope you enjoy our day and find time to stitch....Nancy

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Bent Creek finish and kit for sale

 I finished Flag of Stars. It was a fun stitch. However I do not enjoy working on 18 ct linen over two threads, which is how this was designed. I switched the fabric and now am selling the kit. I started the kit in the lower left corner of the fabric using the perle cotton. If you are interested let me know. I am selling the kit as is for $12 free shipping in the USA.
 In other news, I am meeting a friend from out of town for dinner after work today. We worked together, but she moved out to Arizona. She is back in town for a friends wedding. It will be nice to see her and catch up.
I added some more to my Ebay sales. There is a link on the right. That's the news for today. Happy stitching! Nancy

Friday, August 29, 2014

Just Cross Stitch Hal O Ween 2014

As promised, this is the picture of my submission to the October JCS issue. It is a quick and fun stitch. There's plenty of time to finish this before October 31st! 

I didn't get any stitching done on the flag piece I've been working on but hopefully tomorrow I will get to stitch a bit. And Sunday my friend Karen is coming over to stitch so I will get a few hours of stitching time in then. 

Summer has gone way too fast. I hope you all enjoy your Labor Day weekend.......Nancy

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I love Pineberry Lane designs and have stitched several of her works. This is Tansy Yarrow Rue. It was finished close to a year ago but I just got around to framing it. I used a frame I found in the sale bin at Michael's. The photo isn't great but you get the idea.

I got my October issue of Just Cross Stitch in the mail today and on page 57 is my Halloween ornament-Hal O Ween 2014. I will post a picture soon.

Happy stitching!! Nancy

Monday, August 25, 2014


I started this yesterday afternoon and am thoroughly enjoying stitching it. This came as a kit but I switched the fabric after putting a few stitches in and realizing I did not like stitching it on 18 ct linen over 2 with perle cotton. Mine is on 14 ct aida using good old old DMC cotton floss.
I plan on more stitching this evening now that America Ninja Warrior is not on his week. I am totally addicted to that show and just wish I was as fit as they are. Oh well.......
Hope you all have a good night!

Sunday, August 24, 2014


What could be better than a beautiful Sunday afternoon sitting on the porch stitching a new design with a glass of wine? Answer: Nothing. I hope you are enjoying your Sunday. too!

Sunday afternoon

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Read a great book!

And my friend is the author. How cool is that. The book is called Of Blood and Lions by Karen Ann. It is a great story and wonderful characters. You may read about it on her website.
If you buy the book directly form her she donates $5 to the Big Cats Program of National Geographic.
This is Book 1 of 3. She is hard at work on Book 2 now, when she isn't stitching or hooking rugs.

In other news, Karen came over yesterday and we stitched and caught up. I was not stitching this design but will get it back out today. It is by Dames of the Needle. I am almost finished. I think I will frame this one and hang it in my laundry room which I am re-doing in Patriotic colors.
I did finish this. It is a Lizzie Kate Boxer. I stitched it on the plane to and from San Francisco last month.
And, after much consideration I have decided I must find time to release more designs. I have four Glory Bee designs from last year that I never had time to release. I will be getting those ready and hopefully have them ready to go in about 1-2 months. I will get pictures and post them soon. The models  have been finished forever LOL!

I hope you are enjoying the Labor Day weekend and find time to stitch today!


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Finally....I'm back with a finish!

I just finished stitching this last night. It is from a booklet by Blackbird Designs. I used the DMC conversions on a stray piece of 28 ct linen. I changed a few of the colors and I didn't care for the watering can in the bottom right corner so I chose a date, randomly, instead. I enjoyed every stitch. I do try and stitch everyday during my lunch hour, it keeps me sane!

Work has kept me incredibly busy. I am still designing but doing pieces for magazines instead of self-publishing. I have a Halloween piece in both JCS Halloween issues as well as a Christmas design in the annual JCS Ornament issue. I have several designs stitched and framed but don't seem to find the time to publish them. I may do downloads instead. Let me know your thoughts on that!

Today I have to clean the house, so I better get to it. I am going to make every effort to return to Blogland!

Happy stitching.........Nancy

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tansy Yarrow Rue!!!!!

I owe you all so many photo's! I will start with this design, because I just finished it. It is Tansy Yarrow Rue by Pineberry Lane designs. I am so in love with her designs, it's practically all I stitch (besides my own models of course LOL). I also have Autumn on Marigold Lane 99% finished. I only have to stitch the two blackbirds at the top. Maybe I will get that done tonight while we are watching Phantom of the Opera. I found that on Netflix along with some other Broadway productions. We have seen Phantom 3 times in Boston and love it. 
I also went the the quilting class and finished my table runner but have to sew the binding yet. I have the corners pinned and everything looks wonderful. I did the class for beginners at the Quilted Crow and the teacher was wonderful. I learned some good tricks for binding and even making an accurate 1/4" seam. I also signed up for the Jelly Roll Quilt class coming in January 2013.
I have been listing some of my charts on EBAY, see the link at the right. I have several OOP designs by Birds of a Feather. I also have more of theirs to add. Maybe tomorrow. I plan on stitching and watching TV tonight. I hope you all find time to stitch! Nancy

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Quilt Class on Sunday!

These are the light, medium and dark fabrics I picked out for my Quilting class on Sunday. I am taking a beginner quilt class at the Quilted Crow. Even though I have made a table runner and a lap-size quilt I thought I could learn a few tricks and the "right way" to do things! And I love taking any type of crafting class. This class is making a table runner and the autumn colors of fabrics in the shop inspired me. I will post a picture in two weeks when it is finished. My weakest point in quilting is mitering the binding so I am hoping to learn some tricks with regards to that. 
I was away last week. I went to Delaware to visit relatives. On the way I stopped at Where Victoria's Angels Stitch in upper NJ. What a fantastic shop! I spent some $$$ there and a friend from 123 Stitch Board happened to be in the shop too!
Next I was in PA at The Strawberry Sampler. So many beautiful charts and fibers there too. More $$$$$. Of course I had to find a shop to get some fabrics (see picture) and found more than just fabric there also. So back to work I go to pay for my adventure. 
In stitching news I did start a Trilogy Design while on vacation. It is the cutest little bee. Pics soon!
Happy stitching...........Nancy

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

One of my favorite autumn pieces......

In a tribute to autumn I want to share with you one of my favorite designs. This is a piece I designed a few years ago when I still had time to teach at different events such as Celebration of Needlework and Stitching Jubilee. It was taught at both events. It is now available as a chart pack. I just love autumn colors. This has several specialty stitches included with regular cross stitch.I do not have as much time to stitch or design now that I am working full-time. I do submit pieces to magazines, which is a quicker way for me to get things published. And my favorite publication is the JCS Annual Ornament Issue. I am so thrilled to have been invited to donate a design to that publication for the 11th year in a row! I hope you have time to enjoy fall and the wonderful colors and find time to stitch today! Nancy

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

And the winner is......

Faye! I am off to email you. I chose your name as the winner of the chart--Flying Monkeys, which you can see pictured to the right. I posted on a stitching board that I would choose a winner from all replies to this post. I hope you enjoy stitching it! Nancy

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Progress on Marigold Lane

Here is my progress on Marigold Lane. I am loving this design and can't wait to finish it so I can move on the another Pineberry Lane design. But actually, I will have to stop and stitch a piece for an exchange I signed on for. I have decided on With Thy Needle and Thread's Hilda's Alphabet Row. I picked up the fibers last week at the Quilted Crow. I was there for a class on stenciling with freezer paper. As soon as I heat set my piece and do the line work I will post it. I was amazed at how beautiful it came out and the process used. We used oil based paint crayons. I had never used them before but loved them. When I stenciled  I always used acrylic paints. DH ran the Warrior Dash in NH yesterday and came in 3rd in his age group 50-59 and 16th overall and there were over 16,000 participants! He is amazing. With that I am off the the gym. Have a great day and I hope you find time to stitch today! Nancy

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Recent Finishes!

 This first design is a Country Cottage Needlework design that I changed up a bit. I did not do the bee's or the top border. I will be adding bee buttons before I finish it.

 Next is  Shakespeare's Peddler and I bought this as a kit with Gentle Art floss and the pattern at Celebration of Needlework a couple years ago. I finally got around to stitching it!
Next is a Lizzie*Kate design which I absolutely love. I used almost all of the colors she called for except the Crescent Colors, don't have any, so I substituted them with over-dyed floss I already had.

The crisp fall days are here in New England! I love this time of year. Apples and pumpkins are starting to make an appearance at the local farms. Won't be long until we have apple and pumpkin pies! Yummy.
Well, I have to go print some more "Flying Monkeys" as seen on the right hand side of the Blog at the top. My distributor ordered more this week. You know Halloween isn't far off.
I hope you find time to stitch today......Nancy

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Original models for sale on Ebay!

I just have too many models to keep them all in my tiny office. So I have started listing them on Ebay. I will be listing more as the week goes on along with some charts I have for sale. Many of the frames are East Side Moulding, Hog River and Larsen Juhl. Any questions email me. Link to Ebay in on your right! Nancy

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Progress and a little shopping

This is my progress on "Marigold Lane". Not too much but I sure am enjoying every minute of it. This picture got a little shadowy.
My friend was here Wednesday night and we discussed me going to work for her business. I would love to. I like my job and the people I work with but the new job would pay better, be a lesser commute, and more freedom. I submitted my resume to the partners and hope to interview this week.
I also did a wee bit of shopping and all of it came in the mailbox Tuesday. I am just now getting to all of it. I tried to do a picture but the camera was acting funny. Here is the list:
With Thy Needle and Thread-Hilda's Alphabet Brew
Pineberry Lane-Tansy-Yarrow-Rue
JCS Sept-Oct 2012
LHN- Around the World in 80 Days, Hot Cocoa, Patriot Inn, and It's Snow Cold
Waxing Moon- Midnight Manor
Goode Huswife-Little Red R Sampler
L*K-1st three Snow Belles, Part 3 of the Mystery Sampler, Santa 2012, and Tiny Tidings 17.......That should keep me busy for awhile.
But today I am going to the Quilted Crow and taking a stenciling class. We are stenciling a scene on muslin using freezer paper as the stencils. Should be fun. Hopefully I will have a nice picture to show you tomorrow. While I am there I will do a bit of shopping for my Halloween/Autumn exchange partner. I haven't been in an exchange in years and couldn't resist signing up for this.
Off to get ready for my day. I hope you find time to stitch today......Nancy

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

A new start.....

This is Autumn on Marigold Lane by Pineberry Lane. I love all of her designs and stitch them as fast as I can! I was so anxious to start this and had gotten the chart at 123 Stitch awhile ago. Of course when it came time to get everything out and start it do you think I could find that darn chart!!!! Nowhere to be found and believe me I looked and looked in my personal stash in my business stash, it had disappeared. So off to the computer I went and ordered another copy from Pineberry Lane, the download version, so I could start immediately. Of course I could not find the required fibers in my stash either so I looked at the picture and decided on my own colors. 

Thanks for the nice comments on the previous post! I am off to email Chris now as she is the winner of the two charts!

It is pouring rain here this morning. As I was sitting at the computer the rain seemed very loud to me so I got up to investigate and found I had left one window open in the living room and the cat was using it as a "kitty door". I was wondering how "Merlin " had gotten out today! It had been open since Sunday, I will not wonder how the electric bill got so high....the AC was on for two days with this window open....oh well. At least a squirrel did not decide to come in.

Off to get ready for work. Tonight my friend is coming here for cards and drinks. Happy stitching......Nancy

Sunday, September 02, 2012

I'm Back!

I just this minute finished this design by Little House Needlework. It is called Peppermint Twist. I stitched it on 14 ct Rustico aida using WDW: Linen, Tarragon, Aztec Red, Whiskey & Chestnut. I have stitched this before but gave it away as a gift and LOVE the design so I thought I'd better get stitching before Christmas arrives LOL!
I have been keeping busy with work, working out, and trying to keep designing, not necessarily in that order. I did have a cute sampler is JCS over the summer as well as a Halloween ornament in their special Halloween issue. Very soon the special Ornament issue will be on the newsstands and I also have a design in it. I find with my limited time it is easier for me to design pieces for magazines and maybe even teaching pieces.
I have been keeping up with all the Blogs and don't comment much but do try and read some everyday. All the beautiful stitching inspires me.
I hope you all have a great Holiday weekend and find time to stitch! Nancy*GloryBee

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Another finish....

This is a design by Kathy Schmitz called Nesting. I love stitching every stitch. I used GAST Freedom and an unknown color/brand of 28 ct linen. I bought fabric yesterday to make this into a sewing pocket. Hopefully I will be able to get that done sometime soon.
Our stitch group met today and as always it was loads of fun. We do this once a month and the day flies by. We rotate where it is to be held each month, we all take a turn hosting. The wine is ususally open by 11AM and there is more than enough food and desserts. I was working on Pineberry Lane's design from the Prim Stitchers club. I am in love with her designs. Well, back to stitching. Have a great Sunday! Nancy